International Conference on the Applications of the Mossbauer Effect - 2013

Poster Session 2

T3     Different chemical applications

A. Bhattacharjee, P. Gütlich, V. Ksenofontov, M. Roy, J.A. Kitchen and S. Brooker:
Effect of pressure and light on the thermal spin transition in the dinuclear compound [FeII2(PMAT)2](BF4)4∙DMF

H. Kamebuchi, A. Nakamoto, M. Enomoto, T. Yokoyama and N. Kojima:
Magnetostructural correlation for 1D spin-crossover system, [FeII(NH2-triazole)3(CnH2n+1SO3)2·xH2O 

I. Faus, S. Rackwitz, J.A. Wolny, M. Schmitz, H.J. Krüger, K. Schlage, H.C. Wille and V. Schünemann:
Nuclear inelastic scattering studies on a dimeric Fe(II)spin crossover complex

C. Krüger, H. Cavers and F. Renz:
Influence on the coordination sphere of Fe(III) spin crossover compounds

A. Lengyel, E. Kuzmann, Z. Homonnay, Cs. Várhelyi Jr., Z. Klencsár, S. Kubuki, R. Szalay and Cs. Várhelyi:
Mössbauer study of novel iron(II)-dioxime complex complexes with branching alkyl chains

M. Sipiczki, E. Kuzmann, I. Pálinko, Z. Homonnay and P. Sipos:
Mössbauer and XRD study of intercalated Ca-Fe layered double hydroxides

A.P. Railliet, A.D. Naik, A. Rotaru and Y. Garcia:
57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy monitoring of spin crossover in the first FeII complex with a fluorinated 1,2,4-triazole ligand

J.A. Wolny, A.I. Chumakov, S. Rackwitz, R. Rüffer and V. Schünemann:
Experimental evidence of the vibrational coupling of nearest neighbours in 1D spin crossover polymers of rigid bridging ligands

A. Lančok, B. Stibr, M. Miglierini, T. Kmječ, J. Kohout and M. Bakardijev:
Mössbauer spectroscopy of the [Fe(h6-C6H6-nMen)2]2+ dications

A. Sobkowiak, T. Ericsson and L. Hӓggstrӧm:
Using Mössbauer spectroscopy as a probe to optimize the synthesis of tavorite LiFeSO4F in glycol reaction media

F.E. Wagner and A. Lerf:
Mössbauer study of Fe(II)- and Fe(III)-gallate-a proposed model compound for iron-gall inks

Yu.V. Baldohin, Yu.D. Perfiliev, L.A. Kulikov:
Influence of isotope composition on iron oxidation

Yu.V. Maksimov, M.V. Tsodikov, J.I. Konstantinov, V.K. Imshennik and S.V. Novichikhin:
Nanoscale polynuclear metal oxide catalysts for natural gas processing: core/shell structure of methane steam reforming catalyst

P.-E. Lippens:
Calculation of the Mössbauer parameters of the Li-Sn and Na-Sn crystalline phases

R. Stӧßer, M. Feist, C. Willgeroth, F. Emmerling, M. Menzel and H. Reuther:
The "quiet" Goldschmidt reaction 2Al + α-Fe2O3 → 2Fe + α-Al2O3

V.M. Byakov, Yu.D. Perfil'ev, S.V. Stepanov and L.A. Kulikov:
Primary radiolytic processes in the Auger blob formed by radioactive transformation of 57Co into 57Fe in frozen aqueous medium

V.S. Semenishchev, A.V. Voronina and M.I. Oshtrakh:
Characterization of T-55 sorbent using 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy with a high velocity resolution


T4     Solid-state physics and magnetic materials

P. Gütlich, V. Ksenofontov and J.S. Miller:
Effect of pressure on the organic-based magnet FeII(TCNE)2

T.O. Bauer, M. Schmitz, M. Graf, H.-J. Krüger and V. Schünemann:
High-field Mössbauer spectroscopy on dimeric Fe(II)-SCO complexes

A. Okazawa, J. Yoshida, N. Kida, I. Kashima, W. Murata, M. Enomoto and N. Kojima:
Study on spin configurations in photoresponsive iron mixed-valence complexes by Mössbauer spectroscopy

T. Fujii, D. Nakatsuka, M. Nakanishi, J. Takada and T. Yoshino:
Mössbauer spectrum of high-pressure synthesized ilmenite-type FeGeO3

D. Naidoo, M. Ncube, H. Jivan, H. Masenda, K. Bharuth-Ram, D. Biling, D.R. Sahu and B.K. Roul:
Effect of Fe on the structural and magnetic properties of BiFe1+xHoxO3

V.S. Pokatilov, A.S. Sigov, A.O. Konovalova and V.V. Pokatilov:
Local structural, valency and magnetic states of iron ions in multiferroic Bi0.815Y0.085La0.10FeO3

Z. Németh, A. Szabó, Cs. Bogdán, D.L. Nagy and G. Vankó:
Competing microscopic and macroscopic phase separation in Ca-doped lanthanum cobaltate perovskites

A.O. Konovalova, V.S. Pokatilov and V.V. Pokatilov:
Local valence and magnetic states of iron ions in multiferroic Bi0.9Ca0.1FeO3

P. Adler, V. Ksenofontov, A.K. Paul, M. Reehuis, B. Yan, M. Jansen and C. Felser:
Magnetic phase transitions and iron valence in the double-perovskite Sr2FeOsO6

T. Gasi, P. Adler, V. Ksenofontov, J. Kiss, S. Chadov, A.K. Nayak and C. Felser:
Mössbauer studies on iron-based Heusler alloys

F. Lindroos, P. Karen and J. Lindén:
Second-order Doppler shift and d-orbital populations in YBaFe2O5

K.M. Batoo:
Finite size effect over the Mössbauer and magnetic properties of copper doped cobalt ferrite nanoparticles

M. Kraken, F.J. Litterst, I.-Ch. Masthoff and G. Garnweitner:
Evaluating 57Mössbauer spectra of different ferrite nanoparticles

R.R. Gabassov, V.M. Cherepanov, M.A. Chuev, M.A. Polikarpov and V.Y. Panchenko:
Size effect of magnetic nanoparticles on the shape of the Mössbauer spectrum

G. Ramos, H. Yee-Madeira, J.A. Jimez-Gallegos and B.F.O. Costa:
Mössbauer study of partial substitution of Fe by Zn in BaFe12O19

S.H. Mahmood, E.A. Arrasheed, A.-F. Lehlooh and A. Hammoudeh:
Mössbauer spectroscopy study of Y-type BaSr-hexaferrite (BaSrNixCo2-xFe12O22) prepared by sol-gel auto combustion

S. Nakamura and A. Fuwa:
Local and dynamic Jahn-Teller distortion in ulvӧspinel Fe2TiO4

S.R. de Oliveira Neto, E.J. Kinast, M.A. Gusmão, O. Isnard, P. Bonville and J.B.M. da Cunha:
Low temperature Mössbauer measurements on the quasi-two-dimensional FexNi1-xTa2O6 compounds 

K. Frolov, I. Lyubutin, O. Alekseeva, I. Verin and A. Dudka:
The low-temperature Mössbauer and structural studies of the RFe3(BO3)4 multiferroics

R. Konieczny, R. Idczak, A. Kuliberda and J. Chojcan:
An enthalpy of solution of osmium in iron studied with 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy

T.E. Mølholt, R. Mantovan, H.P. Gunnlaugsson, A. Svane, H. Masenda, D. Naidoo, K. Bharuth-Ram, M. Fanciulli, H.P. Gíslason, K. Johnston, G. Langouche, S.Ólafsson, G. Weyer and the ISOLDE collaboration:
57Fe emission Mössbauer spectroscopy of ion implanted MgO

T.E. Mølholt, S.Ólafsson, H.P. Gunnlaugsson, K. Johnston, R. Mantovan, H. Masenda,M. Ncube, K. Bharuth-Ram, H.P. Gíslason, G. Langouche, M.B. Madsen, D. Naidoo, G. Weyer and the ISOLDE collaboration:
CEMS and emission Mössbauer study of Fe/V superlattices

S.P. Kubrin, I.P. Raevski, S.I. Raevskaya, D.A. Sarychev and V.V. Stashenko:
Mössbauer study of PbFe1/2Nb1/2O3 at the ferroelectric phase transition

K. Szymański and K. Rećko:
Properties of bulk fayalite prepared by two types of solid state reaction

M. Elzain, S.H. Al-Harthi, A. Gismelseed, A. Al-Rawas, A. Yousif, H. Widatallah and M. Al-Barwani:
The magnetic and hyperfine properties on iron in silicon carbide

S. Habibi, M. Shamlo and M. Samet:
Mössbauer and VSM study of annealing effects on some metallic glasses

A.V. Vershinin, V.V. Serikov, N.M. Kleinerman, V.S. Gaviko and N.V. Mushnikov:
Magnetic phase transitions in La(Fe0.88SixAl0.12-x)13 compounds with x = 0.036 and
x = 0.096

J.L. Wang, S.J. Campbell, S.J. Kennedy, P. Shamba, R. Zeng, S.X. Dou and G.H. Wu:
Magnetic transitions in LaFe13-x-yCoySix compounds

F. Plazaola, E. Legarra and E. Apiñaniz:
Mössbauer spectroscopy study of the disordering process of Fe-rich FeAlSi alloys

N. Korotkov, K. Frolov, I. Lyubutin, E. Khlybov, V. Pudalov, A. Sadakov and K. Pervakov:
Mössbauer studies of GdOFeAs-based high-Tc superconductors

V.P. Filippov, V.P. Gladkov, S.S. Martynenko, V.I. Petrov: 
Solid solution decomposition and growth of precipitates in Be-Fe alloys from Mössbauer investigations

P. Naumov, V. Ksenofontov, S. Medvedyev, K. Frolov, I. Perunov, I. Lyubutin and C. Felser:
Iron sites assignment in Fe1+xTe by Mössbauer spectroscopy

G. Wortmann, V. Ksenofontov, S.A. Medvedev, V. Tsurkan, J. Deisenhofer, A. Loidl and C. Felser:
Local Fe phonon-DOS in superconducting FeSe0.5Te0.5 studied as function of orientation and temperature

S. Kitao, M. Kurokuzu, Y. Kobayashi, M. Saito, M. Seto, T. Mitsui, X.W. Zhang and S. Kishimoto:
Magnetism of FeTe studied by applied-field 57Mössbauer spectroscopy and nuclear resonant forward scattering

A.S. Kamzin, F. Wei, V.R. Ganeev, A.A. Valiullin and L.D. Zaripova:
Mössbauer studies of L10-FePt multilayer films for next-generation magnetic recording media

R. Ciprian and M. Carbucicchio:
Unidirectional anisotropy in Fe/Cr multilayers not subjected to field-cooling treatments

S.I. Zholudev and T.Y. Kiseleva:
Mössbauer study of new functional metal/polymer nanocomposites with spatially oriented FeGa particles

R.A. Susilo, J.M. Cadogan, D.H. Ryan, N.R. Lee-Hone, R. Cobas and S. Muñoz Pérez:
Spin reorientation in GdGa

V.I. Krylov, V. Sechovský and A.V. Andreev:
The screening effect of magnetic exchange in the U- and Gd-based intermetallic compounds

V.I. Krylov:
119Sn Mössbauer spectroscopy of 3d-, 4f- and U-intermetallic compounds

E.C. Passamani, A.L. Alves, V.P. Nascimento, A.Y. Takeuchi, C. Larica, J.D. Fabris and M.C. Pereira:
Influence of grain refinement and crystal defects on the magnetostructural properties of the Fe-doped Ni50Mn36Sn14 Heusler alloy seen by 119Sn and 57Fe

N.R. Lee-Hone, P. Lemoine, D.H. Ryan, B. Malaman, A. Verniére, G. Le Caër:
Predicting the distribution of transferred hyperfine fields at the Sn site in RMgSn

I. Mischenko, V. Cherepanov, M. Chuev and M. Polikarpov:
Antiferromagnetic fluctuations in CePdSn Kondo compound from Mössbauer spectroscopy

M. Kądziołka-Gaweł and A. Bajorek:
Hyperfine interactions in Gd1-xRxFe3 intermetalics (R=Tb, Y)

A. Pyataev and R. Manapov:
Mössbauer spectroscopy of core-shell nanoparticles obtained by thermal decomposition of quasi-binary CuNiFe type alloy

O.A. Arinicheva, A.S. Lileev, M. Reissner, A.A. Lukin and A.S. Starikova:
Evolution of hyperfine parameters with temperature for Fe-Nd-B magnets prepared in different way

M. Reissner, P. Lackner, J. Gnilsen, W. Steiner, D. Pajić, N. Novosel, K. Zadro and E. Babić:
Magnetic and Mössbauer investigation on FeNiB nanoparticles

F. Spizzo, L. Del Bianco, A. Deriu and A. Orecchini:
Combined Mössbauer and neutron scattering investigation of ball-milled FeSiB samples

H.P. Gunnlaugsson, K. Nomura, T.E. Mølholt, S. Shayestehaminzadeh, K. Johnston, R. Mantovan, H. Masenda, M. Ncube, K. Bharuth-Ram, H.P. Gíslason, G. Langouche, D. Naidoo, S.Ólafsson, G. Weyer and the ISOLDE Collaboration:
Characterization of Fe states in dilute 57Mn implanted SnO2 film

M. Herlitschke, L. Stork, R. Dronskowski and R.P. Hermann:
Mössbauer spectroscopic and magnetometric mesurements on FeNCN

A. Sklyarova and J. Lindén:
57Mössbauer study of a secondary phase in FeSe1-x with a large electric hyperfine splitting

L. Bocklage, K. Schlage, H.-C. Wille, C. Swoboda, G. Meier and R. Rӧhlsberger:
Nuclear resonant scattering from microstructures under spin wave excitation

K. Schlage, D. Erb, H.-C. Wille and R. Röhlsberger:
Spingineering at P01

S.K. Godovikov:
Activation of crystals by γ-rays and processes of self-organization

M.S. Shongwe, F.B. Al-Ruqaishi, E. Sinn and E. Bill:
Polymorphism and spin crossover in a ferric-hydrazone system

M. Bošković, M. Perović, V. Spasojević and B. Antić:
Characterization of nano ferrites by complementary techniques


T5     Applications in biology and medicine

H. Auerbach, I. Faus, S. Rackwitz, J.A. Wolny, F.A. Walker, A.I. Chumakov, H. Ogata, M. Knipp and V. Schünemann:
Nitric oxide heme interactions in nitrophorin 7 investigated by nuclear inelastic scattering

T.O. Bauer, D. Graf, T. Lamparter and V. Schünemann:
Characterization of the photolyase-like iron sulphur protein PhrB from Agrobacterium tumefaciens by Mössbauer spectroscopy

K. Kovács, F. Fodor, V. Czech, S. Santos-Rosell, J.J. Lucena and L. Hernández-Apaolaza:
Mössbauer spectroscopic characterization of Fe-leonardite complexes

A. Hałas, V. Derrien, A.I. Chumakov, P. Sebban, T. Ślezak, K. Matlak, J. Korecki and K. Burda:
Chemical properties of the non-heme iron in bacterial reaction centers of type II treated with Cu2+

M. Kaczmarska, K. Niemiec, I. Habina, M. Fornal, W. Pohorecki, K. Matlak, J. Korecki, T. Grodzicki and K. Burda:
Influence of neutron radiation on the stability of erythrocytes membrane

A.A. Kamnev, A.V. Tugarova, K. Kovács, B. Biró and E. Kuzmann:
Metabolic transformations of 57Fe in the rhizobacterium Azospirillum brasilense Sp245: A Mössbauer spectroscopic study

J. Kajtez, W.C. McDermott III and E.M.F. Bowden:
Low temperature Mössbauer spectroscopy of 57Fe enriched hematin

M.I. Oshtrakh, A. Kumar, I.V. Alenkina, A.P. Zakharova, V.A. Semionkin and S. Kundu:
Characterization of monomeric soybean leghemoglobin using Mössbauer spectroscopy with a high velocity resolution

M.I. Oshtrakh, E.G. Novikov, S.M. Dubiel and V.A. Semionkin:
Comparative study of Ascofer® and ferrous gluconate using Mössbauer spectroscopy with a high velocity resolution

J. Cieślak, S.M. Dubiel, I.V. Alenkina, M.I. Oshtrakh and V.A. Semionkin:
Evaluation of Debye temperature for nanosized iron core in Ferrum Lek, a pharmaceutically important model of ferritin, using Mössbauer spectroscopy with a high velocity resolution

A.A. Kamnev, A.V. Tugarova, R.L. Dykman, L.A. Klikov and Yu.D. Perfiliev:
Emission Mössbauer spectroscopic study of 57Co(II) complexes with alkylresorcinols – analogues of microbial autoinducers

D. Polikarpov, V. Cherepanov, M. Chuev, M. Nikitin and V. Panchenko:
Mössbauer evidence of 57Fe3O4 based ferrofluid biodegradation in the brain

M.V. Tkachenko, A.S. Kamzin, L.P. Ol'khovik, T.M. Tkachenko and S. Keshri:
New class of magnetic bioceramics for biomedical applications: Mössbauer studies

A.K. Shokanov and K.B. Tlebaev:
Mössbauer study of nano magnetic particles promising in the oncology

C. Henrich, J. Byrne, C. Schrӧder, A. Kappler, G. Klingelhӧfer:
In situ study of chemical versus biogenic iron mineral (trans)formation with the miniaturized backscattering Mössbauer spectrometer MIMOS II


T9     Advances in Mӧssbauer instrumentation (generally)
        and synchrotron Mӧssbauer spectroscopy

S. Rackwitz, I. Faus, B. Lägel, J. Linden, J. Marx, E. Oesterschulze, K. Schlage, H.C. Wille, S. Wolf, J.A. Wolny and V. Schünemann:
Installation of a combined Raman and AFM microscope as a sample environment for nuclear resonance scattering at P01, PETRA III

J. Navarik, P. Novak, J. Pechousek, D. Jancik and L. Machala: 
Improvements of Mössbauer spectrometer instrumentation

S.M. Irkaev, V.G. Semenov, V.V. Panchuk:
Applications of resonance counter - pro and con

A. Revyakin, D. Sarychev and M. Zekhtser:
Adaptive control system of Doppler modulation of Mössbauer spectrometer with thermostabilization

Z. Klencsár and E. Kuzmann:
Compiling a database of 45 years of research in the field of Mössbauer spectroscopy

J. Marx, H. Huang, I. Faus, S. Rackwitz, J.A. Wolny, K. Schlage, H.C. Wille and V. Schünemann:
Simultaneous characterization of protein-coated iron oxide nanoparticles with nuclear inelastic scattering and atomic force microscopy

R. Masuda, Y. Kobayashi, S. Kitao, M. Kurokuzu, Y. Yoda, T. Mitsui, M. Saito, F. Iga and M. Seto:
Synchrotron radiation based Mössbauer spectroscopy by 174Yb

L. Deák, L. Bottyán, T. Fülӧp, G. Kertész, D.G. Merkel, D.L. Nagy, R. Rüffer, Sz. Sajti, H. Spiering, F. Tanczikó and G. Vankó:
Switching reciprocity on and off in a scattering experiment

M. Kurokuzu, S. Kitao, Y. Kobayashi, M. Saito, R. Masuda, T. Mitsui, Y. Yoda and M. Seto:
Development of 125Te synchrotron-radiation-based Mössbauer spectroscopy

V. Cherepanov, M. Chuev, M. Polikarpov, S. Nikoulin and V. Panchenko:
Observation of the double optical-gamma resonance in Mössbauer spectra of 151Eu in EuP5O14 single crystal

E.K. Sadykov, G.I. Petrov, V.V. Arinin and
Radiofrequency forward Mössbauer scattering method in study of magnetic materials

F.G. Vagizov, R. Shakhmuratov, O. Kocharovskaya and E.K. Sadykov:
Application of the Mössbauer effect to the study of opto-acoustic phenomena

A. Veiga and C. Grunfeld:
Digital pulse processing in Mössbauer spectroscopy

A. Veiga, G.A. Pasquevich, P. Mendoza Zélis, N. Martinez and F.H. Sánchez:
Application of Mössbauer programmable-velocity data acquisition module

W.A. Angermeier and W.C. McDermott III:
Development of a piezoelectric transducer and drive for use in a 67Zn Mössbauerr spectrometer

P. Novak, J. Navarik, J. Pechousek, V. Prochazka and L. Machala:
Developing and utilization of new 122 keV gamma-photon detector in coincidence Mössbauer measurements

M.T. Sougrati, L. Stievano, J. Fullenwarth, B. Fraisse and J.-C. Jumas:
A new analytical instrument combining X-ray powder diffraction, Mössbauer spectrometry and electrochemical analyses

Y. Kobayashi, M. Mihara, T. Nagatomo, Y. Yamada, M.K. Kubo, J. Miyazaki, W. Sato, S. Sato and A. Kitagawa:
Time-resolved Mössbauer spectra obtained after 57Mn implantation in Si