International Conference on the Applications of the Mossbauer Effect - 2013

Travel Information

Opatija has good road, railway and air connections.

  • Trieste (I)
  • Ljubljana (SLO)   
  • Zagreb (HR)
  • Milan (I)       
  • Vienna (A)       
  • Munich (D)     
  • Budapest (H) 
  • Bratislava (SLK) 
  • Belgrade (SRB)
  • Rome (I)
  • Prague (CZ)
  • Kraków (PL)

70 km (1h 20min)
111 km (1h 50min)
175 km (2h)
487 km (5h 15min)
492 km (5h 20min)
511 km (5h 50min)
516 km (5h)
560 km (6h)
572 km (5h 30min)
745 km (7h 45min)
820 km (8h 40min)
950 km (10h 20min)

  • Opatija-Matulji 5 km
  • Rijeka 12 km
  • Rijeka (Krk) (HR)     
  • Pula (HR)                 
  • Trieste (I)     
  • Ljubljana (SLO)      
  • Zagreb  (HR)      
  • Venice (I)     

Travel to Opatija from the airports:

Zagreb airport - A shuttle travels from the airport to the Zagreb main bus station every half an hour (see public transportation of Zagreb airport). From here, a bus can be taken to Rijeka or Opatija (see departures from Zagreb main bus station). Buses from Zagreb main bus station to Rijeka are very frequent, some of these buses proceed further to Opatija. Buses from Rijeka to Opatija are also very frequent.

Pula airport - A taxi or a bus can be taken to the Pula main bus station (see public transportation of Pula airport). From here, buses travel to Rijeka and Opatija (see departures from Pula main bus station).

Rijeka (Krk) airport - A shuttle can be taken to reach Rijeka or Opatija (see public transportation of Rijeka-Krk airport).

Ljubljana airport - A shuttle can be taken to Ljubljana main bus station (see shuttle connection of Ljubljana airport). Once in Ljubljana, a bus can be taken to travel to Rijeka (see departures from Ljubljana main bus station).

Trieste airport - A bus can be taken to Trieste (See public transportation of Trieste airport). Once in Trieste, a bus can be taken to travel to Rijeka or Opatija (See Trieste-Opatija-Rijeka bus connections).

Venice airport - A shuttle (Fly Bus) can be taken to reach Mestre railway station (See Fly Bus timetable). From Mestre railway station a train can be taken to travel to Trieste (See Mestre-Trieste train connections). Once in Trieste, a bus can be taken to travel to Rijeka or Opatija (See Trieste-Opatija-Rijeka bus connections).


According to the Visa Regulations of the Republic of Croatia, a foreign national is required, as a rule, to obtain a visa before entering the Republic of Croatia. However, Visa requirements are waived for citizens of most of European countries, EU countries, USA, Canada, Israel, Japan, Brazil, etc.

To find out whether you need a Visa to enter the Republic of Croatia, please visit the web page of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia (Visa requirements overview)

If needed, applications for a visa should be submitted to the Croatian Embassy or consulate in your home country or in the country of your current residence. Upon request, the Congress Organizers will provide a Letter of Invitation to facilitate the issue of a Visa.

Detailed instructions for visa application